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Photo by Mike Bird, Pexels

Spotlight on… lights

Wintery nights make this the perfect time to test all car lights are in good working order. Here’s how.

Longer nights mean that many drivers will find themselves motoring to and from work in the dark. This means that visibility is impaired – which, in turn, makes it imperative for motorists to check that their lights are in good working order, not only to light up the road ahead of you but also to make sure that other drivers can see you easily.

Here’s what a check should entail:

  • Starting with the main front lights, turn the lights on, then on to bright and dim.
  • Next, test the indicators. Ask for someone to help you, standing outside the car to make sure that the indicators on both the side of the car and the side mirrors light up, as well as the indicators on the back of the car.
  • Now, check the driving lights (the lights that are illuminated when you switch on your headlights.
  • Check the brake lights by pressing on the brake pedal. Both lights should come on.
  • Test the reversing lights by putting the car into reverse gear.
  • Finally, check that the light above the number plate lights up.

Lightbulbs that are no longer working can be replaced quickly and inexpensively, but if one of your customers does a lot of after-hours driving, it’s a good idea to suggest they invest in bulbs that burn longer and more brightly.