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Spotlight on occupational health with eHealth Africa

Neglecting to conduct pre-employment medical check-ups? Here’s what can happen…

Because we understand that it’s not always easy for businesses to keep up with requirements when it comes to occupational health and safety, we have recently engaged eHealth Africa Pty Ltd as our preferred supplier for everything related to occupational health.

To help you get a grip on this often complex area, we’re introducing a short series to help you understand how embracing occupational health will help protect your employees, resulting in long-term benefits for your business. We’d also like to point out that, while compliance with occupational health has advantages for your staff, it also protects you, the employer.

Homer, Homer, Homer, what have you done …

If Homer had a pre-employment medical done, you would have known he’s not fit to … well, to do anything really. And now he blames you.

Let’s have a look at Homer Simpson, for example. If Homer’s employer had conducted a pre-employment medical before hiring him, they would have found out that he needed glasses and therefore wasn’t fit for the job – and, thus, the incident landing him in the hospital could have been avoided. It also would have avoided the involvement of an inspector who, in terms of the incident investigation, is required to ask for the injured employee’s medical certificate of fitness. Obviously, it is impossible to provide this unless the medical has been conducted – and, having neglected to provide one, the employer is now in a world of trouble, while also facing the expense and inconvenience of an employee who needs time off work.

We look forward to sharing more insights with you in next month’s newsletter.