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Spotlight on Right2Repair Tier One sponsor: TEMOT International

Every month, we find out more about one of Right2Repair’s Tier One sponsors. This month, we’re learning about TEMOT International.
Managing Director Fotios Katsardis
President & CEO.

Global network for independent spare parts distributors
As a global strategic alliance, TEMOT International has been operating in the independent automotive and commercial vehicle spare parts market since 1994. Set up by five parts wholesalers in Germany, today the organisation comprises 99 shareholders operating in the spare parts market in over 100 countries worldwide. 

TEMOT International shareholders are among the leading companies in the sector, employ more than 32 000 people, and run a network of about 12 000 repair workshops. The shareholders operate on the first tier of trade and provide their customers with a wide range of products, services, systems and concepts. Their core business is trading in spare parts, accessories, workshop equipment, tools, machine parts, automotive paints, chemicals, and replacement body parts. Irrespective of their distribution model they pursue a common goal: cutting costs and streamlining for sustainable, profitable growth. The external revenue of TEMOT International shareholders was in excess of 14,5 billion USD in 2021. 

TEMOT International helps its shareholders determine, procure and manage car spare parts, automotive accessories and tools on an international level by organising purchasing, optimising the supply chain, collaborating in the further development of IT programs, and co-development of marketing programs and strategies.

TEMOT International’s vision is to operate as a strategic platform and forward-looking partner in the automotive and commercial vehicle spares market, creating added value for its own network, and thus contributing to the continuous development of the sector. Its mission is to operate as a network that combines leading trading companies, strengthens their market position and represents the shareholders’ interests. In particular, this includes knowledge management, advising on strategic decisions, use of synergies, internationalisation and risk-minimising to improve the shareholders’ competitiveness. 

TEMOT International is invariably its shareholders’ trustee, acting as an interface and catalyst between shareholders, suppliers, third-party providers and service providers. TEMOT International assists and advises its shareholders on their international purchasing activities through long-term cooperation and partnership agreements with leading industry suppliers. Shareholders are autonomous in their local purchasing decisions, but select from a pool of jointly defined, qualified preferred global supplier portfolios of TEMOT International.