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Spotlight on Tier 1 Sponsors: G.U.D Holdings

Read more about this proud sponsor of the Right to Repair campaign here.

Every month, we learn more about the Right to Repair campaign’s Tier One sponsors. This month, we’re shedding the spotlight on G.U.D Holdings.

Service with quality engine oil for best results

Independent workshops servicing in-warranty vehicles have a huge responsibility to ensure customers receive dealer-quality servicing. Now that motorists are legally able to make use of their choice of workshops, the onus lies on workshop owners to make certain that they use the best quality parts and products for customers, every time. 

Much like OE-equivalent aftermarket parts, good quality engine oil, such as Indy Oil, enhances vehicle performance. Indy Oil, a premium quality lubricant brand and member of the Right to Repair Campaign, uses premium base oils and additives which incorporate anti-wear, detergency and corrosion inhibition functionalities to achieve engine protection. Formulated to provide excellent stay-in-grade viscometrics even when operating under severe conditions, Indy engine oils provide excellent corrosion protection even when there are high sulphur levels. 

A state-of-the-art Analytical Centre

Indy Oil’s state-of-the-art Analytical Centre is the first laboratory in SA to have an Ultra Shear Viscometer.

As an important brand in the G.U.D. Holdings group, Indy Oil has invested in a state-of-the-art Analytical Centre, to ensure its range of lubricants and chemicals remain at the cutting edge of technology and meet the stringent quality standards required by OE vehicle manufacturers. The 75m² laboratory at the Indy Oil blend plant in Pietermaritzburg features high-tech lubricant testing equipment that exceeds international industry standards. According to Dr Alex van den Blink, Technical Director, G.U.D. Holdings, the Indy Oil Analytical Centre is the first laboratory in South Africa to have an Ultra Shear Viscometer. It uses the latest technology to test the viscosity performance of Indy Oil’s engine lubricants, against the high speeds and temperature demands that lubricants are exposed to in a modern engine.

“We are excited about our new Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer, this is a highly sophisticated instrument that is a rarity in South African Laboratories. It allows for elemental analysis to be conducted so that oil-condition can be monitored and component wear and fatigue can be checked,” adds Dr van den Blink. 

Indy Oil’s investment in advanced equipment of this kind attests to their commitment to offering a premium quality product that is blended and tested to meet OEM specifications and international lubricant and chemical standards approval. 

An extensive range

Offering an extensive range of fully-synthetic, part-synthetic and mineral motor oils for diesel and petrol vehicles, the world-class brand recently introduced two new advanced fully-synthetic variants to their range: Indy Protorq 5W30 and Indy Ultratec 5W40. Fully-synthetic motor oils fulfil the demands of the growing range of sophisticated vehicles on SA roads. Indy’s range also includes the VW-approved Indy Endurance 5W30 as well as the flagship Indy Super Turbo Diesel 15W40

GUD Filter Finder Guide

Furthermore, mechanics are discovering that they can achieve peak engine performance and protection by servicing a vehicle with a combination of GUD Filters and Indy Oil. Use the Filter Finder on www.gud.co.za to find out the best filter and oil combo for your or your customer’s car.