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Stay strong

Keeping healthy during this crisis has come to mean more than simply avoiding viral infection. At a time when uncertainty, panic, anxiety and fear surround us, mental wellbeing is a priority. 

One of the most effective things you can do in this regard is step back from the news cycle and switch off social media. Although most of us are craving connection and have a hunger to find out the latest developments, the reality is that it’s easy to get sucked into a negative cycle fed by fearmongering, sensationalist reporting and even fake news. Regain control by limiting the number of times you check in with the news, and then choosing credible sources. Seek out the good news stories (there really are some positive developments out there) to balance out the frightening reports. 

It’s also important to temper your anxiety. Bringing your mind to the present moment is very useful here, because anxiety is an emotion rooted in the future. Focus your mind on the here and now by concentrating on the physical sensations you can feel, or the smells around you. Honing in on a concrete object in your environment can also be very grounding. More than anything, pay attention to your breathing – long, slow, deep breaths have an immediately calming effect. You may also wish to check out one of the many meditation resources available online. 

Throughout all of this, you need to keep your body strong. All the basic principles apply: eat fresh, nutritious food, get enough sleep, and boost your immunity with an exercise session daily. This is also critical for banishing stress with an endorphin boost. There are so many free exercise apps you can download and follow.