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Photo by Midia, Pexels

Taking action against illegal industry players

Authorities are cracking down on illegal mechanics. Here's more on the latest incident...

MIWA applauds the Johannesburg Metro Police’s recent action against illegal mechanics; an intervention that saw them confiscate and impound tools from a mechanic on a street in Berea, Gauteng.

Given the struggle currently facing South African consumers, it’s not surprising that many are trying to save money – even if that means using an unaccredited mechanic. Unfortunately, this places them – and other road users – in danger, as there is no way to assure quality on the work carried out, or the parts or diagnostics used; nor is there any recourse if the repairs or maintenance goes wrong. 

This is one of the reasons why MIWA appeals to South Africa’s law enforcement teams to take action against illegal mechanics. The other, of course, is because this poor quality compromises the reputation of the entire industry.  

It is, in fact, illegal for an individual to repair any part of a vehicle or wash, dry, or paint on a public road, except in the case of an emergency. MIWA, therefore, calls upon the authorities to clamp down on such activities, especially since the cheaper prices offered by non-compliant mechanics undercuts those who follow the standards put in place by our association. The authorities’ involvement will protect MIWA members from this situation.