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Talking training

How much do you know about brakes? Or oils? Update your knowledge with two exciting training opportunities coming up with industry leaders.

One of MIWA’s key responsibilities – and one we take very seriously – is upholding excellence in our industry. Of course, this is entirely reliant on the calibre of our skills, which is why we have an unwavering focus on training, ensuring all members have access to the latest industry information.

With this in mind, we have two vital training initiatives with key suppliers scheduled for the coming months. ATE, a leader in braking systems, will be conducting both individual and group on-the-job training at a series of workshops, with online training modules also available. Members can look forward to a mix of both theoretical and practical learning.

TotalEnergies, meanwhile, has committed to visiting workshops to impart information about the importance of using the correct oil specifications in various applications, helping members understand different oils as per OEM requirements and sharing insights about energy-saving and fuel-efficient lubricants, and how these contribute to a lower carbon footprint. Responsible for the manufacture, sales, and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products and lubricants for the retail, commercial, agricultural, and industrial markets, TotalEnergies is an expert in this field.

We are excited about the opportunity for knowledge sharing and skills upgrading presented by these training initiatives, and we hope you enjoy them.