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Photo: Bosch

Thank you, Bosch

We’re grateful for the support Top Tier sponsors have lent the Right To Repair campaign. In this month’s newsletter, we introduce Bosch as one of these important supporters.

Behind every great movement is a great organisation lending its support. This is certainly true of the Right to Repair campaign, which has been assisted tremendously by the key industry players who comprise our Tier 1 sponsors. We take great pride in introducing one of these sponsors, Bosch, which has been a member of the campaign for 5 years.


A word from Bosch

The motorist’s freedom of choice

The competitive nature of the automotive sector has increased significantly, with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) extending motor vehicle warranties and presenting a bundle of offers, such as vehicle service plans, all with the objective of keeping the vehicle in the OEM service network. The nature of such activities limits the freedom of choice for the motorist, dissuading them from shopping around for competitively priced services and repair work. This is why Bosch joined the Right to Repair (R2R) movement at the time of its establishment.

Bosch Service network is one of the largest aftermarket vehicle service and repair networks. Backed by Bosch, it is renowned for being at the centre of developments in automotive technology. 

Bosch has contributed significantly to the development of automotive technology over its 136 years of existence. Bosch produces a full range of diagnostics test equipment and a wide range of automotive parts. Consumers and workshops have access to the Bosch range of automotive parts such as batteries, brake pads and discs, wiper blades and wiper motors, drive belts, filters, spark plugs, bulbs, and gasoline fuel injection components. For more information, visit www.boschaftermarket.com/za/en/.

To become a member of the Bosch Service Network, a workshop must meet stringent requirements, including technical competence, use of Bosch diagnostics test equipment, and use of Bosch automotive parts. Technical competence is maintained through attendance of Bosch technical training courses, ensuring all modern vehicles can be serviced and repaired at the Bosch Service workshop. 

These rigorous standards are in place to ensure the motorist has freedom of choice and the comfort of expert advice at an affordable price, in line with the standards required by R2R.

Robert Bosch (Pty) Ltd
Automotive Aftermarket

Grant Palliser 
Regional Director