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Photo: Laura James, Pexels

The importance of exit medicals

Why would you spend money on an exit medical for someone leaving your company? There are several very good reasons – find out about them here.

Our previous newsletters have shone the spotlight on the importance of pre-employment and periodic medicals. This month, we’re focusing on why exit medicals are equally important. 

Yes, it sounds crazy but conducting a medical on someone leaving your employment actually makes sense.


 Mr Burns cannot believe his luck and celebrates while Homer dreams about spending more time at Moe’s and doing what he does best: Not much.

Why on earth should someone leaving me get an exit medical and cost me more money?

It’s quite simple really. Mr Burns certainly does not need Homer to claim he injured his back when still working for him, while in fact, Homer hurt his back after having left doing, well, something stupid.

At the same time, it is best to confirm Homer’s health condition upon exit, as he may very well have hurt his back carrying around drums full of nuclear waste without your knowledge – something he was not allowed to do in the first place.

And that’s it really. An exit medical protects you. And old Homer. And could save you a lot of money.

Until next time.