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GUD Filter Kits

Tier 1 Right to Repair sponsor in the spotlight: GUD Filters

This month, we’re learning more about GUD Filters.

Every month, we take a closer look at the Tier 1 sponsors of our Right to Repair campaign. This month, we’re taking a closer look at GUD Filters.

Wise mechanics know that vehicles serviced with quality replacement parts are guaranteed to go the distance – giving customers peace of mind as well as the long-term cost savings they need.  

Cheap automotive parts – particularly parts such as filters which are critical to the mechanical workings of a car engine – may save the customer a little upfront but the impending mechanical problems and associated repair costs are not worth the risk. 

GUD filters – premium products that are a favoured choice among leading workshop.

Premium aftermarket parts, such as GUD filters, are a favoured choice among leading workshops for good reason. Designed by technical experts and manufactured locally, GUD Filters use the best materials and are continuously tested for quality and performance. Not only are GUD Filters manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications, but their premium quality also helps motorists economise by saving fuel and protecting their car’s engines from damage and the consequential expensive repair. What’s more, workshops and motorists alike can be assured that they will be protected by the comprehensive warranty offered with all GUD parts, for complete protection and peace of mind. 

With an extensive range covering almost every vehicle on SA’s roads, GUD’s oil, fuel, air and cabin air filters are widely available in cities, towns and remote locations nationwide. 

You’re onto a GUD thing with GUD Filters with value-added services such as a national sales team who are able to attend to any queries on the spot, a unique loyalty programme, as well as signage and promotions.  A technical help desk is also just a phone call away.  

GUD has made identifying the right filters for fitment to the vehicle on your workshop floor even easier with the Filter Finder feature on their website.  Try it now at www.gud.co.za on desktop and mobile to find the part you need. For workshops that still prefer a printed catalogue, GUD’s new catalogue is available from your sales representative.