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Feroda Brakes training

Training: Focus on Ferodo Brakes

Our most recent training workshop focused on Ferodo Brakes. Learn more about our approach to training...

As you know, we are strong supporters of ongoing training and upskilling – we believe that this is the secret to providing enhanced customer service.

One of the latest initiatives in this area focused on Ferodo Brakes. The workshop which was organised by Cliffie Jacobs, our MIWA Training Representative for the Eastern Cape, was attended by around 24 people, including MIWA members and Midas staffers. It provided members with a comprehensive overview of the braking system, equipping attendees to identify problems and prevent or correct issues before they escalate. 

Training of this nature is invaluable, as new products and technologies are introduced to the market regularly. It’s helpful for MIWA members to understand how these products work and how they benefit customers, whether that’s because they offer greater value for money or because they are more environmentally friendly. It’s also useful to be able to judge the quality of the products we fit to our customers’ vehicles.

“We plan to offer such workshops on a three-monthly basis, depending on the support from suppliers and MIWA members,” concludes Jacobs.