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VW a leading light as the industry adopts Right2Repair

VW’s actions speak volumes about its support of Right2Repair.

VW stands as a shining example of how Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can work together with players in the automotive aftermarket to create a truly competitive market.

This is important as, without the full support of OEMs, the Guidelines for Competition in the Automotive Aftermarket are likely to fall flat. This means going beyond implementing the guidelines merely for the sake of compliance – which, sadly, has been the case with most OEMs. 

In contrast, VW has been transparent in its discussions of how it plans to work within the framework created by the guidelines. For example, the company recently supplied full details of how Independent Service Providers (ISPs) can access its technical maintenance and repair information. Moreover, the information was packaged in a manner that makes it possible for ISPs to operate with flexibility, tailoring access according to the needs of customers from an hourly or annual basis. This is crucial for ISPs working across a range of different brands, all of which have different needs.

VW’s approach has been lauded by Right2Repair, with the organisation’s Kate Elliott noting that it is enabling it to fulfil its aims of creating greater consumer choice.