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What our workshop owners are up to…

An inspiring story of a workshop owner who refurbished his caravan in his spare time.

We love hearing what our workshop owners get up to when they’re not helping customers – like this story of how Lance Kettles of AMS Kettles Automotive Mechanical Services refurbished a caravan that seemed to have had its day. 

Lance purchased the caravan because he wanted his son to enjoy the same wonderful camping experiences he’d shared with his own father, which remain some of his happiest memories. But, having bought the vehicle in January, he didn’t have much time to fix it up before the family took their trip just one month later – especially since the caravan had wood rot and essentially needed a total rebuild.

Luckily, Lance had some experience in this area: before he started his workshop, he had owned a cabinet making company. This meant he had all the skills to replace all inside panelling. Even so, the job was a big one: Lance had to sand and blast all inside panels and install windows. He also replaced all canvas around the roof, installed a new floor, hung fresh wallpaper and repainted the entire caravan. It was hard work: Lance was working 17-hour days at the workshop, then spending all his downtime on the caravan. It took a lot of sacrifices, he admits, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for his wife’s help in looking after his son.

The effort was well worth it, though. Lance believes in doing everything himself because that means he knows it’s been done properly. If he doesn’t have a particular skill, he’ll learn it. 

The caravan was completed in time for the family’s holiday – the first of many happy trips together, making memories that will last a lifetime.