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What your mechanic wishes you knew

Although customers aren’t expected to know everything about cars, it would help if they were aware of some basic rules.

None of us expect our customers to know everything about cars – that’s our job! Even so, most of us wish they’d pay a little more attention to certain areas when it came to car maintenance. We asked some of our members what they would like their customers to focus on.

  • A vehicle maintenance schedule isn’t a suggestion – it really should be taken very seriously. Ignoring that schedule puts you in line for some very expensive damage, so don’t be tempted to skip a service
  • Choose your mechanic with care. Not all workshops are equal – some (like MIWA accredited workshops, obviously) can be relied upon to provide superior service with the latest equipment. It’s not a good idea for customers to rely upon their own skills (or advice from Google) either.
  • Ignoring a warning light is always dangerous. Many motorists are guilty of this, but the reality is they’re doing their cars a lot of damage: in fact, the car should be examined by a mechanic immediately.
  • Changing the oil in your car is non-negotiable.