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Why kindness counts

With so many of our members giving back to their communities, it’s good to find that being kind benefits us at an individual level, too.

We’re so pleased to be able to share stories of MIWA members helping out this month. It’s plain that an act of kindness helps the community involved – but did you know that being altruistic serves you on an individual level, too? Read on to find out why you benefit from showing kindness.

  • It boosts mental wellness: Studies show that it’s not just the recipients of your altruism who feel good when you’ve been kind. You’ll also benefit from increased self-esteem; what’s more, science tells us that there are links with happiness and kindness in the brain.
  • It creates connections: If you took part during a food drive or collection during lockdown, you’ll know that being part of a community that cares helps to create a sense of belonging – something we all crave right now.
  • It helps you focus on what counts: Sure, each of us faces challenges – and for many of us, those are pretty big. But giving back to people in need reminds us that we are not alone in experiencing problems.