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Why should you implement MOVERY?

MOVERY’s Ace system may be the answer to your customer feedback needs. Here's why...

In one of our previous newsletters, we noted that from 1 July 2022, it is recommended that all MIWA workshops have an independent Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) system in place, in order to achieve a MIWA five-star grading score. 

A CSI system not only smooths your path towards your five-star grading by providing comprehensive customer feedback and therefore helping you identify areas for improvement; it also gives you the tools to address customer issues before they escalate.

Our National Executive Committee has been engaging with MOVERY’s Auto Customer Experience (ACE) and gave it an unhesitating thumbs up. The system records all customer feedback on an online database (via WhatsApp), making it possible for workshop owners to attend to dissatisfied customers quickly. 

Importantly, feedback is visible to workshops only. Moreover, the ACE system meets our requirements, which state that the CSI system in place must record and calculate a New Promoter Score and Fix-Right-First-Time score, simplifying comparisons between workshops. A monthly scoring report must be submitted to each participating workshop, and to MIWA. The system must, furthermore, be able to record and summarise customer comments, and must comply with the provisions of POPIA. Costing R580 per month, we find the ACE system to offer great value for money.

For further information, contact MOVERY on 041 995 5200 or email info@movery.co.za.