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Have you entered our LAUNCH competition?

There’s still one more chance to win a R44 275 diagnostic scanner from LAUNCH.

If you haven’t yet entered our competition to win a LAUNCH diagnostic scanner, you should waste no more time! 

That’s because no workshop is truly complete without one of these highly sophisticated tools, which make it possible to scan individual components and integrated vehicle systems in minutes. This is your last opportunity to stand a chance to enter our exciting competition.

How do I enter?

The diagnostic scanner we’re offering as a prize to MIWA members is worth R44 275 – and to win, all you need to do is answer the following question:

Question 3: What are one of the key functions of a LAUNCH diagnostic scanner?

Remember that Launch scanners, like the 2023 LAUNCH X431 PAD III V3.0, include an Android 10.1 operating system, 4GB memory, and 64GB storage, offer comprehensive OBD II diagnostics, read/clear DTCs, bi-directional control, remote diagnosis, live data streaming, and coding, satisfying a wide range of diagnostic demands – a must in any workshop.

This is the third month we have been running the competition and we will now be closing entries. Over the past two months, we asked a question giving each member effectively three chances to enter their name into the draw.  Once all our entries are in this month we will do the final draw and the lucky winner will be notified in the July issue.

Our sincere thanks again to Equiptech Automotive and Workshop Support Services for sponsoring this incredible prize which we know will be a highly sought-after addition to any of our member workshops – thank you for making this opportunity available for our members.