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Change your workshop forever with our Launch competition

Keen to own a LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanner, but not sure of the outlay? We have just the answer.

Cast your mind back five years ago: the cars you were servicing back then looked vastly different to today’s models, didn’t they? In those days, it may have been possible to get away without doing a complete diagnostic test on every vehicle that entered your workshop, but today, that’s certainly not the case.

That’s why LAUNCH’s diagnostic scanners are an asset to any workshop, making it possible to scan individual components as well as the car’s integrated systems and identify errors and malfunctions before they become costly and dangerous. 

Take the 2023 LAUNCH X431 PAD III V3.0, for example. An outstanding user experience is standard, thanks to the scanner’s Android 10.1 operating system. Other highlights include 4GB memory and 64GB storage.

This powerful, advanced machine offers comprehensive OBD II diagnostics, read/clear DTCs, bi-directional control, remote diagnosis, live data streaming, and coding, satisfying a wide range of diagnostic demands. Other highlights include a guided function for Volkswagen and Audi.

Equiptech Automotive and Workshop Support Services are giving MIWA members an opportunity to win a LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanner worth R44 275.

How do I enter?

To win one of your own, simply follow our MIWA Spanner in the Works newsletters.  Last month we launched our competition in the April issue. This is your second chance to win.  Look out for our follow-up article on the LAUNCH diagnostic scanner in our June newsletter. Each month we’ll be asking specific questions around the machines giving you three chances to win.  We will announce the winner in our July issue. If you missed out last month or want to give yourself a second chance – this is the time to do it!

Our sincere thanks go to Equiptech Automotive and Workshop Support Services for sponsoring this incredible prize which we know will be a highly sought-after addition to any of our member workshops.

Please note that you may send only one entry per month.  

The 2023 LAUNCH X431 PAD III V.30 contains a guided function for two car brands. Name one of them.

Don’t miss out on next month’s newsletter – remember, you have to be in it to win it!