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Wipcorp report back

Our virtual meeting with Wipcorp, hosted earlier this month helped to gain clarity on key questions.

Our virtual meet and greet with Wipcorp, held earlier this month, was a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other and find out answers to key questions. We had some really relevant discussions which are so important to ensure everyone is on the same page and speaks the same language. Our special thanks go to the Wipcorp team for giving us this time and answering all our questions. 

Here are some of the outcomes of our discussions:

Can Wipcorp’s audits be tailored to accommodate specific situations at certain workshops?

The answer here is yes – in the case of specialised workshops, such as those dealing with auto electrical, transmission, and drivetrain issues. Audits completed at these workshops are verified against the standard grading criteria, and special circumstances and factors relating to their specialty focus are taken into account. In all other cases, the audit is based on criteria relevant to general workshops.

Why are audits important – after all, there are successful businesses run out of people’s backyards?

Although there is a thriving informal trade that doesn’t adhere to any industry laws or regulations, the reality is that the people running these businesses are damaging the industry’s reputation. Their customers have no recourse should things go wrong with their car’s repairs. In contrast, a customer consulting a MIWA accredited workshop that has undergone an audit may have complete peace of mind, knowing their service provider complies with the highest motor industry standards and is qualified to provide professional, quality service, using the latest technology, experience, and knowledge. The issue of informal traders is being addressed by the RMI through a process called Project Compliance, which aims to ensure that all businesses within the sector comply with statutory and other laws so that we are able to grow and uplift the formal trade and uplift the industry as a whole.

What if I need assistance with grading criteria? 

Wipcorp commits to sending an Initial Outcome report to members once an audit has been completed. This report is also sent to MIWA’s regional representative. You will have 14 days to provide any outstanding information and are welcome to contact either Wipcorp or the relevant MIWA representative for any advice or support you may need during this time. Once you have provided this outstanding information, Wipcorp will submit a Final Outcome report, which confirms your star grading. You will also receive a MIWA grading certificate.