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Woodwork wonders

MIWA member Leigh Nell has been producing beautiful items since he first learned about woodwork at school. He tells us more about his hobby here.

Leigh Nel of Leigh’s Auto Clinic has proved that he is as talented a carver as he is a mechanic. Leigh’s passion for woodwork started when he was still at school, working on projects for woodworking class. He started making furniture during his holidays, and since the bug had well and truly bitten, the hobby continued well into adulthood. The fact that Leigh’s wife shares his interest has fueled it further, and the two enjoy challenging themselves to find new, complex items to craft. For instance, he once made her a present of a breadboard that included several different types of wood, and on another occasion, created a set of wine glasses as a birthday present.

His favourite item to make? Wooden puzzle pieces, which he gives his children to paint. The look on their faces when they see these treasures is priceless, he says.

To order one of Leigh’s unique pieces, email him at leighnel123@gmail.com.