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Photo by Gustavo Fring, Unsplash

Yay or nay?

How do your customers really feel about the service you provide? We’ve launched a new ‘Compliments or complaints’ section on our website to find out.

Reviews have the power to build a business – or break it completely. That’s why we’ve recently introduced a ‘Compliments and Complaints’ section on our website: we want to know how the market sees our members, give kudos where it’s due, and address issues where necessary.  

Customers are welcome to post anonymously, although they are required to provide enough detail to ensure that MIWA is able to follow up on the complaint. 

We are also hoping that customers reach out when they have received excellent service. We believe it is important to acknowledge a job well done because this encouragement helps us uphold our standards. 

Customers will find the section by clicking on the drop-down option under our ‘Contact us’ button. As a member, you can find out more through our various communication channels, including newsflashes, our social media platforms, newsletters, and Automobil.