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Why Choose Us


We were founded on a new idea in the auto service industry: What if the customer service experience could actually be an easy, pleasant one? We’re proud to say that we’re still building on that idea and continuing to provide an uncommonly good experience for our customers. It’s an approach we call our “Nice difference.”

if your car is ready for service or repairs but you’re dreading the experience, we invite you to call our skilled, knowledgeable, and accommodating auto repair professionals. We’re not just ready to provide a high-quality auto service experience-we endeavor to partner with you for all your car-repair needs for years to come.

What is Our Nice difference?

What do think of when you think of having your car repaired or serviced? Haggling with aggressive mechanics? Sitting in cramped, uncomfortable waiting areas? Worrying about how much you’ll be charged when it’s all said and done?

Our Nice difference is aimed at eliminating all of those stereotypical experiences. We’ve worked hard to develop practices and accommodations that ensure your time with us is as easy and convenient as possible.

Your Interests Are Our Interests

Perhaps most importantly, our Nice difference is dedicated to bringing each and every one of our customers honest and transparent auto service. We want our customers to understand what is wrong with their vehicles and what their options are, and to feel confident about the service they receive. You will never be pressured for repairs or replacements you don’t need, and we will never go forward with altering your vehicle in anyway until you sign off on it. Period.