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Director’s Desk January 2020

Usually, when we talk about 20/20 vision, we’re referring to the clarity or sharpness of vision measured at a distance of 20 feet. For me, 2020 has a specific clarity and direction, which will open new doors, bring new breaks and new blessings.

It’s important that we prepare our minds and enlarge our vision so that we can take advantage of these opportunities – but important, too, that we face the challenges that will surely arise out of a difficult economy which is placing immense pressure on our industry, and creating uncertainty around our future. We need to make definite and innovative decisions to remain sustainable, competitive & effective and our strategy for the year is to focus on these areas while supporting our members.

Our ultimate goal for 2020? We will remain resilient, focused and do business in a smart way. As the old saying has it, “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.”  We hope you enjoy the first newsletter of the year. We asked some of our MIWA Associational Reps for their views on the coming year. We are also excited to start introducing some new sections from next month. You can read all about that in this issue and to see most of you face to face as we start our 2020 roadshow.

Pieter Niemand