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Are you agile?

In an uncertain and unsettled world, agility is the one trait that can help companies stay stable. Here’s how you can help your workshop adapt.

Around the world, companies are scrambling for strategies that will help them withstand the turmoil that has been left in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

One of the most effective of these strategies is making a move to increase agility. In fact, the most recent EMEA Private Business Survey showed that the private businesses which are experiencing the greatest degree of success are those which have chosen to embrace this trait.

What, exactly, is an agility champion? According to the survey, it’s a company that chooses to focus on its people as well as its customers, and which makes the most of the technologies available to us to improve performance. A flexible outlook is key, as is resilience. In practical terms, this means upskilling people to ensure that they are adept at adopting new technologies and modes of doing business.

But it’s not only staff members who must be prepared to face an uncertain future. Leaders must also be aware of the role they have to play, especially when it comes to helping all on board to take a long-term view. Plus, they must make sure that this long-term view takes into account the challenges that by society and the environment.

For us in the aftermarket industry, the message is clear: our own challenges can be met only if we concentrate on remaining abreast of industry trends, and making sure that we have the skills to match any new developments.