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Bogner Motor City Workshop

 Bogner Motor City Workshop becomes the first MIWA member to embrace gas conversion

Rising petrol prices, an economy in tumult – could these challenges mean the end of petrol? Here's why Bogner Motor City Workshop thinks so...

Congratulations to Bogner Motor City Workshop, the first of our members to become a fully equipped gas conversion fitment centre.

Owner Andrea Bogner Botha explains that the workshop worked closely with Attie Serfontein (ARA National Director) and Frank Mac NICOL (ARA National Chairman) to achieve this accomplishment, which sees them taking a significant step into the future. “We’ve known for a long time that there is a clear need to diversify and specialise, and the fallout of the Covid pandemic, coupled with challenges like rising fuel prices and our ever-changing economy, made this even more apparent,” Andrea says.

She believes that many more workshops will be changing to gas conversion in the coming years, especially as gas is more affordable than petrol and has several other advantages.  It offers similar performance to petrol, for example, and has good fuel efficiency, but also assures longer engine life and high daily mileage. “With this in mind, we believe there will be a significant switchover in the near future — which means that the time to prepare for this change is now,” Andrea says.