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Branding Basics

Be sure to collect your branded collateral to update your premises and strengthen our brand.

Great news: RMI’s branding collateral is ready for collection, either at our regional offices or at general meetings. As a MIWA member in good standing, you’re entitled to two small and two large Accredited Member decals, as well as an RMI Perspex board. 

This branding is a crucial part of our marketing activities, helping us to spread the word about who we are and what we do by creating an instantly recognisable image among all stakeholders, from government officials to OEMs and the motoring public.

Click the picture above to download a PDF of it.

However, for branding to be truly effective, it must be consistent. This ensures that the consumers receive the same message – that MIWA stands for quality and peace of mind – over and over again. Our new branding materials will help you bring your premises up to date with the new RMI branding (which was introduced three years ago), make it possible for customers to easily identify you and your affiliation with our brand, and ensure that it is reflected uniformly across our network. We, therefore, request that you ensure that all letterheads, leaflets, advertisements, websites, and social media platforms reflect this branding. 

To find our nearest regional office, please visit https://www.rmi.org.za/contact/