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Photo: Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

Our wonderful women

In praise of the fabulous females who make our industry great.

Since August is Women’s Month, we wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the many wonderful women who keep our workshops going. Although this is often thought of as a man’s industry, there are so many females who have helped it advance – and while these trailblazers frequently receive their due, the unsung heroes are just as important. We asked our members to name the women whose endless efforts are behind their excellence – and here they are! To all the women of MIWA – thank you for being the driving force behind our success. We couldn’t do it without you!

Anelle Lottering
Nominated by Collin Pillay of CARTime Scottburgh

Anelle has distinguished herself in her role as manager and service advisor; running a tight ship where communication with staff and customers is a priority. She also makes sure that the business runs profitably, and it is largely thanks to her efforts that the business has developed a culture rooted in family values and service delivery.

Arne Esterhuisen
Nominated by Raz Carrim of Autoserv

“Arne goes above and beyond to our customers and staff as well as the directors of the company,” says Raz. Eager to learn, reliable, and always positive, her sunny attitude is an inspiration to others. As Raz says, “She shares our happiness as well as our challenges, and has become part of our family – I can honestly say she’s my right-hand person.”

Candice Wilke
Nominated by George of VAG Spec – Garden Route

Candice’s colleagues describe her as committed, passionate, diligent, and ready to tackle any challenge. The satisfaction she derives from a job well done is evident, and that makes her a responsible, accountable member of the team, ready to use any new learnings to ensure she is better prepared for the future. Candice’s sociability is an asset, and because she is highly adaptable she works well in any environment.

Charlene Harrison
Nominated by Ronnie Harrison of CGA Auto  

Ronnie says that Charlene is the company’s rock, making sure both admin and workshop divisions function efficiently. “She does it all!” he says. Her passion for her work means she makes magic happen, ordering parts that are hard to find and keeping stock topped up at all times. “She is an absolute gem,” Ronnie says.

Karen Goch
Nominated by Deon Goch of Goch and Cooper Auto Services

While Karen is responsible for the marketing and admin services at Goch and Cooper Auto Services, she’s also involved in two other companies, DJ Kay-Dee Communication and Dee-Lite Mobile Deejays. Added to this, she types reports for Automotive Forensics Intelligent Solutions and has been instrumental in setting up Goch and Cooper’s West Coast branch.

“She also runs our household, looks after our rental properties, oversees the kids who are crazy busy, and looks after me and her 89-year-old mother. I think she deserves the national award for bravery and intelligence. I have no idea how she does it,” says Deon

Lucy Mahabeer
Nominated by Sarel and Charmaine van der Merwe of Sarel’s Workshop in Ladysmith

Lucy has been part of Sarel’s Workshop since 2000, undertaking a range of tasks – from managing quotes, costing and ordering spares to overseeing admin and communicating with customers, making sure they’re happy and satisfied with the work on their vehicles. Lucy takes enormous pride in her work and it shows. Her drive in the workshop motivates the mechanics to do their job well. “Sarel and I truly believe that Lucy is our star. She has grown our business to its full potential and we are so thankful for that. Without her, we would not be where we are today,” says Charmaine

Lyndall du Plooy
Nominated by Thys van Eck of Tygerberg Auto Clinic

Since taking over as director of Tygerberg Auto Clinic shortly before the Covid pandemic, Lyndall has doubled the company turnover – an achievement that’s all the more remarkable given she has no prior experience or training in the motor industry, and faced a considerable challenge in the form of pandemic lockdowns when she was new to the job.

Marushka Kok
Nominated by Rachel of Car Care Clinic – Menlyn

Rachel describes Marushka as a team builder and cheerleader who always tries to bring the best out of people – the “mama bear of the branch’. “So much has changed for the better since she came on board last year,” Rachel says.

Mathilda Nyawo Forbay
Nominated by Jeany Viraragavan of Diesel and Auto Engineering CC

Dedicated and diligent, Mathilda performs her tasks wholeheartedly and with the best of intentions. She is passionate about her work, humble, and remains focused, no matter what challenges she encounters. “She is truly an asset to our company,” says Jeany.

Queen Gaorekwe
Nominated by the management of Twin Brother Enterprise and Propshaft (Pty) Ltd

Determined, committed, hardworking, and ready to take on challenges – that’s how Queen’s management team describes her. “Always eager to learn new tasks, Queen has great communication tools, knows the workshop environment well, and is always ready to assist our technicians when they need help. She is a passionate person whose presence always benefits a team,” they say.

Nerusha Singh
Nominated by the team at Autotonik (Pty) Ltd

Nerusha has transformed Autotonik into a five-star workshop, making a difference by living the company values of humanitarianism, honesty, and great public relations. Her team commends her creativity and ability to nurture and transform, her qualifications, humility, passion, and rational thinking. Nerusha’s impact has been amplified through her work on the feeding schemes and charity drives supported by Autotonik, ensuring the company doesn’t just fix cars, but also fixes hearts. “Her tenacious and results-driven outlook have made Autotonik supersede the requirements in terms of job reliability, honesty, customer satisfaction, guaranteed workmanship, and integrity,” say her colleagues.

Ria Kotze
Nominated by Engela Mc Master of M-CENTRE

After working at M-CENTRE as a service advisor/administrator for six years, Ria’s knowledge of motor vehicles is almost unsurpassed. An avid learner, she enjoys developing new skills and has a knack for building relationships, especially with customers and suppliers, thanks to her positive attitude. “Ria is a typical go-to person and the customers rarely seek advice from the other members of staff.  She is the hub around which M-CENTRE operates and we are extremely fortunate to have her on our team,” says Engela.

Shakeela Chetty
Nominated by Shokes of Power Spares

“Consistent, endearing, and remarkable”, Shakeela’s colleagues say she is the backbone and lifeblood of the business.

Shalom Mokubi
Nominated by Gabe Mobile Auto

The only woman at Gabe Mobile Auto, Shalom upholds the workshop’s exacting standards.