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Right to Repair Tier 1 Sponsor: Spotlight on GUD Filters

Every month, we introduce you to one of Right to Repair’s Tier 1 sponsors. This month, the spotlight falls on GUD Filters.

GUD Filters is an iconic filter brand that has provided motorists with great engine protection for 71 years. With an extensive range of over 1 900 part numbers for 3 500 vehicle applications, GUD has a filter for over 95% of the vehicles on SA’s roads. GUD premium quality filters offer OE quality and reliability, supported by a comprehensive product warranty, making it the number one filter choice across the African continent.


GUD has recently launched a new website with an interactive Filter Finder catalog, which now also includes an image of the filter being searched for, allowing workshops to quickly identify the right filter for the vehicle application. The Filter Finder has mobile functionality making it easy to view on a cellphone and saves you having to page through a catalog. Visit www.gud.co.za and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

GUD Filter Kit

GUD continually seeks to innovate, with the Filter Kit being one such example. The filter kits contain all the filters needed for a major service in one convenient pack, offering a fitment-ready product solution for workshops and mechanics. There are 52 filter kits in the range, covering the most popular vehicles on South African roads.  

GUD Filters has been a Right to Repair member since 2018. We believe consumers should have the freedom to fit quality aftermarket brands to their vehicles at the workshop of their choice. We encourage all consumers to support local manufacture and South African businesses.