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R2R Tier 1 sponsor: Autoboys

Introducing Autoboys, a proud sponsor of the Right2Repair.

Every month, we introduce you to the proud sponsors of Right to Repair. This month, the spotlight falls on Autoboys.

Established in 2010, Autoboys provides automotive glass, parts, and paint solutions to the insurance industry as well as body repair shops, mechanical workshops, and individual customers. We service over 290 insurance partners, 70 outlets, and 169 fitment vehicles. 

With African Rainbow Capital as our majority shareholder, Autoboys is South Africa’s only national glass and parts provider to have a Level 1 B-BBEE rating. Autoboys’ focus on technology, sales, parts matching, forecasting, fitment expertise, and customer service has further seen the business leading the way by unseating many entrenched providers in South Africa. Autoboys also partners with many top brands, including the likes of GlasWeld, Nexa Autocolour, Norton by Saint Gobain, Mahle, and TRW.

Filum Ho, CEO of Autoboys and Vice-Chair of Right to Repair.

Filum Ho, the CEO of Autoboys and the Vice-Chair of Right to Repair, believes that organisations such as Right to Repair are crucial when it comes to levelling the playing field in the local automotive industry. That’s why Autoboys is a Tier 1 member and vocal supporter of Right to Repair South Africa (R2RSA).

Ho says: “Having worked in the SA automotive industry for the past 15 years, I am extremely proud to be part of Right to Repair. In these economically challenging times, we all need to play our part in helping build an inclusive economy that creates jobs. Many studies have shown that SMEs account for more than 60–70% of all jobs in most developed countries. I fully support all and any efforts to create a free competitive economy that nurtures the development of these businesses.”