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Safeline Brakepads being made in factory.

Right to Repair Tier 1 sponsor: Safeline

Every month, we take a closer look at one of Right to Repair’s Tier 1 sponsors. This month, we’re shedding the spotlight on Safeline.

Safeline – South Africa’s first choice in safety 

For many years, Safeline has been recognised as South Africa’s number one choice for safety. Mechanics and workshops wanting to ensure their customers receive the most reliable, quality brake pads with superior stopping power know which brand they can trust.  

These facts were proven when Safeline was put through its paces against other leading brands. In the AMS Fade Test (an independent assessment that determines braking distance), it was confirmed that vehicles fitted with Safeline brakes stopped up to 10 metres sooner than competitor brands. Safeline’s quality is one of the main factors that distinguish the brake pads from competitors and was the first brand to receive both E-Mark and SABS certification – the marks of guaranteed quality and reliability. Not only do Safeline brake pads boast superior stopping power, but they do so right from the very first stop thanks to a specialised friction layer, called Safetrac, which enhances the bedding-in process.

Safeline recently unveiled its new look, which will soon be seen in workshops nationwide. Designed to complement the premium-performing brake pads, the sleek new look incorporates a reinvigorated logo, a fresh design aesthetic, sustainable new packaging, tamper-proof seal and a charcoal grey Safetrac colour, which was previously red.

Retaining its signature red, orange, and white colour scheme, the new logo is accompanied by an eco-friendly corrugated cardboard box. Safeline’s new packaging also features distinct designs for passenger, 4×4, and taxi vehicle applications respectively, and showcases the unique benefits that make Safeline the safest option. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the new packaging also comes complete with a tamper-proof seal, so workshops can be assured their brake pads have been untouched since leaving the factory.

Fitting Safeline brake pads on your customers’ vehicles ensures you earn their trust and loyalty by saving them money with a product that lasts longer, has reduced wear on brake discs, and keeps rims looking their best without brake dust residue.

Safeline brake pads are available through leading retailers and automotive parts distributors. Be sure to visit www.safelinebrakes.co.za to use the comprehensive online catalogue when looking to match brake pads with vehicles.