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Right to Repair – Tier 1 Sponsor: Spotlight on Indy Oil

Every month, we salute one of our Right 2 Repair Tier 1 Sponsors, recognising their hard work to make this initiative a reality. Introducing Indy Oil...

Mechanics and workshops alike depend on the comprehensive range of quality products from G.U.D. Holdings to service their customers’ vehicles. Not only can they confidently place their trust in brands such as GUD Filters, Indy Oil, Safeline Brake Pads, Fram Filters, Holts, and Prestone, more and more mechanics are also discovering that they can achieve peak engine performance and protection by servicing a vehicle with a combination of GUD Filters and Indy Oil.  

Indy Oil’s lubricant range meets industry quality standards.

Indy Oil markets a wide range of synthetic and mineral automotive lubricants. Quality is the cornerstone of all G.U.D. Holdings brands including Indy Oil and the Syntro SAE 5W40 and Endurance SAE 5W30 motor oils which have been awarded the VW stamp of approval.  Blended locally and available nationwide, Indy Oil is a world-class lubricant that can comfortably stand up against the big brand names in the industry. The Indy Oil blending plant is a state-of-the-art facility accredited by the American Systems Registrar and ISO 9001 certified, where premium virgin base oils and additive packages are carefully blended to ensure they meet and exceed global API, ACEA & JASO specifications. Indy Oil’s lubricant range meets American Petroleum Institute (API), European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), and Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) quality standards.  

They then undergo meticulous testing by trained chemists at a dedicated analytical centre to ensure every litre meets customer expectations. 

Indy Oil is supported by a dedicated sales team across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. They provide valuable technical knowledge on the products and their applications. In addition, they conduct Indy Oil product training conveniently at the customer’s premises.  A dedicated helpdesk is also just a phone call away for those requiring additional technical knowledge on products and their applications, call 031 910 3267 to speak to our technical support team. 

Indy Oil and GUD Filters are an unbeatable duo when used together to service vehicles.

GUD Filters and Indy Oil lubricants are designed to work optimally together when carrying out an oil service. Use the Filter Finder on GUD’s website to find out the best filter and oil combo for your or your customer’s car.  Visit www.gud.co.za.  For best results, be sure to try this unbeatable duo at your next service. 

Indy Oil has been a Right to Repair member since 2018. We believe consumers should have the freedom to fit quality aftermarket brands to their vehicles at the workshop of their choice. We encourage all consumers to support local manufacture and South African businesses.