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Save the date

Want to have an impact on your industry? Don’t miss out on MIWA’s AGMs.

Seize the Opportunity

Keen to have an impact on your industry? Then don’t miss the opportunity to engage with key MIWA stakeholders at our AGMs, taking place on the following dates:

  • Free State and Northern Cape – 2 August 
  • W Cape – 15 August 
  • E Cape – 17 August 
  • KZN – 22 August
  • Central – 6 September

Voting and Eligibility

This is your chance to put yourself forward as a committee member on either MIWA’s or RMI’s structures. Please remember, though, that in order to be legitimate, voting for members must be in accordance with RMI’s constitution. What’s more, to be eligible, you need to be the owner or director of a business in good standing. Appointed representatives of owners and directors may also be voted in. 

Your Voice Matters

We’d like to ask all members to attend, even if you have no interest in becoming a committee member, simply because your voice makes a difference. Our committee plays a vital role, so it is important that we appoint the right people to the position. Apart from this, attendance is crucial to ensure adherence to corporate governance procedures during the election process.

Clarifying Eligibility for Election

In case you’re wondering, a ‘member’ refers to any sole proprietorship, partnership, firm, company, close corporation, or association that the organisation has accepted as a member. Meanwhile, an ‘office bearer’ is a director, partner, member, trustee, or a full-time employee at a senior, executive, or specialist level who is actively involved in the daily running and management of a member establishment as nominated in terms of our Constitution, and duly elected or appointed to serve and represent the organisation, its associations and committees on any internal or external governing or committee structures. Only such persons will be eligible to be elected as office bearers. This means that consultants, contractors, and part-time employees are not eligible.

The election of office bearers takes place every two years, unless a vacancy becomes available due to resignation or retirement before this period is over. 

Representing Your Business

Each member business of the RMI is entitled to have one representative to hold office on any of the RMI Committee structures.