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Google search. Photo by Firmbee, Unsplash.

The doorway to digital

Read up on a simple strategy to boost your marketing efforts.

Is your workshop still relying on word-of-mouth recommendations to attract customers? If so, you’re missing out. It’s been decades since the Internet first made the potential of digital marketing available and, since then, it has made a tremendous impact on the industry. 

If you haven’t yet harnessed the power of websites, social media, and online marketing, you’re also failing to tap into an audience that turns to their devices when they’re looking for information about where to service their car, how to find a reliable mechanic and where to buy a new car. Waldi Pienaar from Connected Life tells us more. 

Planning and designing a website. Photo: ux Indonesia, Unsplash.

Digital marketing not only makes it possible to reach a broader audience; it also boosts your visibility – a fast track to gaining more bookings (which, of course, translates to more revenue). It can also help you target your audience more carefully, according to demographics, interests, and behaviour, so that you don’t waste money on promotions and incentives that are unlikely to appeal to the people who see them. Online platforms help you engage with your customers, keep them informed of special offers, and build your relationship with them so that they are more likely to return to you again and again. Customers also appreciated the convenience of online systems (which, for instance, make it possible to book and pay for services online, to create a quick and easy customer experience). And, by leveraging the data made available through online platforms, you can track customer behaviour and conversion rates, and identify areas for improvement – all so that you improve your offering. 

With our industry increasingly turning to technology, it’s critical that your marketing processes keep up with new developments. Now’s the time to start.