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Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.

Worrying about the warranty?

Simple steps to avoid regretting the purchase of a pre-loved car.

Few purchases are as exciting as that of a new car. Similarly, few are as expensive – which is why buyers need to approach their transactions with tremendous caution, especially when it comes to checking the warranty.

It’s heartbreaking to find out that the car that looked so good and performed so well on the dealer’s floor is not in the pristine condition you thought. But more than disappointing, this mistake can be both costly and dangerous. So, how can it be avoided?

  • Before purchasing, the car should undergo a safety inspection or multi-point check at an independent test centre or accredited workshop. This ensures that existing defects will be identified, especially ones that would not be noticed with a naked eye.
  • Check the warranty. What does it cover? In terms of the Consumer Protection Act, all cars (whether new or used) must have a six-month implied warranty of quality, which covers most defects, failures or hazards that haven’t been caused by the user – but it is also possible to purchase an extended warranty, which is a form of insurance. It’s a good idea to ask a finance and insurance specialist what is covered by this extended warranty.
  • Read the fine print. This prevents situations where the customer finds themselves out of pocket for a defect – such as regular wear and tear – they mistakenly thought would be covered by their warranty. It’s vital to understand all the exclusions on a warranty.