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Competition Commission Guidelines

The introduction of the Competition Commission’s draft guidelines support the intentions of our Right To Repair campaign, and will have positive implications for the industry’s growth – especially amongst SMME players. More…

The introduction of Competition Commission draft guidelines will, if published in their current form, open the market substantially and create meaningful cost savings for consumers, without compromising on quality and service.

The guidelines represent the culmination of six years of hard work and lobbying on MIWA’s behalf to allow consumers to have their cars serviced, maintained and repaired at a workshop of their choice during the period of the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is important, because it opens opportunities to aftermarket small and medium enterprises, giving us a chance to grow the industry while providing employment and income streams.

This is precisely why we have invested so much time and effort in our Right to Repair Campaign, which we launched in 2010 after consultation with experienced players in Europe and North America. Following a disappointing response from major motor vehicles, we elected to introduce R2RSA (Right to Repair South Africa) as a non-profit company which encompasses the entire South African aftermarket. A very big thank you goes to the Tier 1 sponsors of the campaign, whose efforts helped to bring about change: Autoboys, Mahle, Gud, AutoZone, ZF Aftermarket, Champion Lubricants, Diesel-Electric, Fram, Hella, Safeline, Temot, Indy Oil, Bosch Service, Samuels Service, Monroe, E-car and TEPA.

Our role in providing accreditation and grading to workshops has also been critical, ensuring that aftermarket workshops have the required skills to service customers. 

In view of our ongoing efforts in this area, we are delighted with the Competition Commission’s long-awaited decision, and look forward to its positive impacts on the industry’s growth.

You can read more about the Guidelines: click here

Workshops who would like to work with us in the R2R campaign are invited to make a once-off donation of R500. We would like to thank those members that have already pledged their support.  For those that want to join or contribute to this very worthwhile campaign, please contact Elizabeth Le Roux on elizabeth@r2r.org.za or call 087 110 0848.