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Why professionals are best

Tempting though it may be to forego a mechanic’s costs, this article highlights why DIY isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Given the financial pressures motorists currently face, it’s tempting to sort out vehicle issues at home – especially since it takes nothing more than a quick Google search to find a tutorial that may help eager DIYers fix the problem.

It’s worth noting, though, that this could compromise future insurance claims and place the car’s warranty in jeopardy. What’s more, even people who have a special affinity for mechanical tasks should leave serious issues to the professionals. These include fixing bodywork and paint, as motor body repairs and spray painting are both time-consuming and costly – especially if the job is botched. Computer and electrical repairs are also best left to experts, given the complexity of electric wiring in a car. Just one error can undermine the safety of the vehicle. Windscreen replacement, too, is a specialised job: unless the right tools and adhesives are at hand, the job won’t be done properly, and the safety of all within the car will be compromised. Trying to fix a fuel system without the right know-how may present the risk of fire damage, which is why the replacement of parts like fuel pumps, tanks, injectors, rails or pressured lines is the domain of experienced mechanics – as is the replacement of brake pads and rotors, especially on newer models. Finally, it’s best to ask a professional to repair an electronic ignition, because any mistakes can lead to extra damage.